Thursday, October 13, 2016

Si Puedo

Wild and out I rage into the light
Blinded by the future in sight
One breath I can feel the cold
And the next i can embrace the old
But where are we going in life they say
Unfortunately we will know one day
Regret eats at us like the plague
And for some it makes them live in rage
So why not do what you want in time
Because you can't predict the end of the line
All we can do is make the best of it
And have no regrets because in life you've never quit

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Puppy Love Unknowing Pups

Together we rode the streets holding hands on our bikes
Young love with no future intentions
My name probably has never poured from your lips in 30 years
Two young kids loving life and playing pretend
Pretending to be the couple we are now with our spouses
Even though those days we were clueless
Clueless to that it all meant
To us it meant getting to hold hands as we made that corner turn onto Gravel street
It meant laughing till our sides hurt
It meant inviting you to my Mcdonalds birthday party
It meant saying goodby and not realizing it was forever
It meant childhood memories would always contain good ones
It meant that knowing I made her smile once means I was there for a reason
It means that not knowing that reason doesn't matter anymore
It means that Gravel Street will always make me smile with every inch of my heart

Monday, February 2, 2015

What Friends

Alone again with these empty people
People no one knows but they know me
Friends no one ever accepted
People who come around when you least expect
My heart opens up to hear their words
Engulfed with their influence
Enraged by their freedom
A freedom no one wants
But one that everyone accepts
And until the day I accept them
I shall remain alone.....all alone

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tomorrow's Promise

Today I smiled and you stared at my soul
Today I asked you to let go
Let go of your worry and fear
Only because I want you near
Next to me and embraced within my fire
Something that promises to take you higher
Higher than tomorrow's expectations and goals
Because it's time for us to become foes
One soul, one beat, one thought of a new heart
Together it's time to agree to never be apart

Another Soul

Into the darkness I push forward blinded and free
I take what I get because it's deep within me
Today I have embraced my torture and pain
Only to never endure it again
Playing these wicked games I am the snakes head
Afraid if all the consequences and being dead
Still I chance the pain and sorrow
Tomorrow I think I will borrow
Borrow the dedication it takes to be a better man
Better than what you say I can
But tomorrow will fill my soul
And if I'm lucky, will make me whole

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Save Me

Who's gonna help that strong man
Hes giving it all he can
The storms getting stronger and his backs bending
Hes fighting and every day feels its his actions hes defending
One motion causing multiple ripples in his life
Some days his tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife
He plows forward feeling like a broken tank
And like that bottle hes empty from what he drank
No cool-aid will bring him down but does he care
Into the future he has a curled brow glare
From the past he limps with very little clout
Or is he just suffering from another flare up of the gout
Strong enough to suffer in silence
Strong enough to suffer in violence our weakness. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Today is a new day and my smiles are still lost
The sun shines again and yet I've got frowns filled with frost
Time passes me by and I suffer in a vacuum of regret
I'm forced to be polite and treat shitheads with respect
Thoughts go through my heart and questions of why I'm here
But answers are only guided by the end being near
At Night i toss and turn with nightmares of my mistakes
And there's no photographer there for retakes
Spilling into my soul is my tainted blood
And I'm drowning like a lost soul in a flood
Although I struggle, my head stays afloat
Churning to be successful even if I have no boat
One day my end will come
And for now I shall take days, one by one